Aptamil Milk

A trusted manufacturer of baby formula, Aptamil has got a product for all stages of your child's development. There is special first milk for infants, as well as hungry baby milk and lactose free milk. The anti-reflux baby milk powder is thicker than usual which helps your baby keep it down, and there is special comfort formula for constipated or colicky babies. The formula is available in handy pre-made bottles as well as powder.


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Aptamil's wide range of birth to toddler milk products is designed to give your child the best nutrition available, according to their special, unique needs. All of our formulas are 100% natural, with a balance of all the right vitamins and minerals that your child will need to support their rapid growth. Our products can be bottled-fed to infants whenever a supplement to breast feeding is required. Aptamil products range from cow milk protein allergy alternative to casein based milk for hungrier babies.

Aptamil unconditionally stands by all of their products

For over half a century, Aptamil has been fully committed to paediatric research and strives to give alternative feeding options that offer comparable benefits to every child. We are permanently committed to conducting clinical trials for improvement of infant nutrition and health. Our team has a vast store of experiences that have come from over 60 years of medical practice and an additional 15 years of acting in an advisory capacity.

Aptamil cares for your child as if it were their own child

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